1) CAECILIANS (Ceaciliidae): 5

Siphonops annulatus MIKAN 1820 (Curuhuinsi- mama)
Caecilia spec 1 long, slender (Micrurus food)
Caecilia spec 2
Caecilia spec 3
Caecilia tentaculata

2) SALAMANDERS (Plethodontidae):

Bolitoglossa peruviana BOULENGER 1883, LITREC, (Salamandra)

Bolitoglossa spec. nov., Lowland Forest, on leaf litter in full sunlight (!), Shanusi Refuge.



Dendrobates imitator s.s., SCHULTE 1986
Dendrobates imitator yurimaguensis, SCHULTE 1999
Dendrobates imitator intermedius, SCHULTE 1999
Dendrobates fantasticus, BOULENGER 1884 (1883)
Dendrobates (riverinus), (Schulte, in press) Shipurana refuge
Dendrobates spec. 1, Lowland Forest, Shanusi- Paranapura Refuge
Dendrobates variabilis s.s., ZIMMERMANN & Z. 1988
Remarks: Dendrobates reticulatus is not present in San Martin.


Epipedobates azureiventris, KNELLER & HENLE 1985
Epipedobates bassleri, MELIN 1941
Epipedobates cainarachi, SCHULTE 1989
Epipedobates femoralis, BOULENGER 1884(1883)
Epipedobates hahneli, BOULENGER 1884(1883)
Epipedobates pongoensis, SCHULTE 1999
Epipedobates spec., Cordillera Oriental Eastern foothills
Epipedobates trivittatus, SPIX 1824


Colostethus argyrogaster, MORALES & SCHULTE 1993 = "flavoventris"
Colostethus idiomelus, RIVERO 1991
Colostethus marchesianus, MELIN 1941, LITREC, confirmed.
Colostethus mittermeieri, RIVERO 1991
Colostethus nexipus, FROST 1986 (?), T
oxic, black tadpoles.
Colostethus spec 1, "intermedius", micro, Melin? Boulenger? LITREC
Colostethus spec 3, "orientalis", bigger summit species
Colostethus spec 4, "bocatoma" - Cachiyacu
Colostethus spec 5, "flavogularis" (palmatus-gr.)
Colostethus spec 6, "giganteus S", KU
Colostethus spec 7, " S chico", KU
Colostethus spec 8, "Machungo"
Colostethus spec. 9, Lowland Forest, Shanusi Refuge
Colostethus trilineatus, BOULENGER 1883, LITREC, not detectable.


Adenomera andreae, MÜLLER 1923
Adenomera hylaedactyla, COPE 1868
Edalorhina perezi, JIMENEZ DE LA ESPADA 1878, Viabo Faunal Passage
Eleutherodactylus acuminatus, SHREVE 1935
Eleutherodactylus spec A
Eleutherodactylus spec B
Eleutherodactylus spec C
Eleutherodactylus spec D
Eleutherodactylus spec F
Eleutherodactylus spec 1
Eleutherodactylus spec 2
Eleutherodactylus spec 3
Eleutherodactylus spec 4
Eleutherodactylus spec 5
Eleutherodactylus citriogaster
Eleutherodactylus bearsei, DUELLMAN 1992
Eleutherodactylus peruvianus, MELIN 1941
Eleutherodactylus lacrimosus, JIMENEZ DE LA ESPADA 1875
Eleutherodactylus sulcatus, COPE 1874
Eleutherodactylus ockendeni, BOULENGER 1912
Ischnocnema quixensis, JIMENEZ DE LA ESPADA
Ischnocnema saxatilis, DUELLMAN 1990
Leptodactylus pentadactylus, LAURENTI 1768
Leptodactylus mystaceus, SPIX 1824
Leptodactylus rhodomystax, BOULENGER 1883a
Leptodactylus rhodonotus, GÜNTHER 1869 (1886)
Leptodactylus wagneri, PETERS 1862b

Lithodytes lineatus, SCHNEIDER 1799

Phyllonastes myrmecoides, LYNCH


Syncope antenori, WALKER 1973 (?)

Remarks: The only Microhylid frog present in San Martin, which is a very strange situation. This species is restricted to summit environments above 1000 m and may be new.


Pipa pipa, LINNAEUS 1758, Lowland forest range of San Martín.


Atelopus pulcher, BOULENGER 1882b (not to be confused with A. spumarius- the author.)
Atelopus pulcher andinus, RIVERO 1986, LITREC, not yet reconfirmed.
Atelopus seminiferus, COPE 1874

Atelopus spec. 1 VCR, ignescens group (Schulte, in progr.)
Bufo marinus, LINNAEUS 1758
Bufo glaberrimus, GÜNTHER 1869(1868), First Record for San Martín see SCHULTE 1989.
Bufo margaritiferus species complex, LINNAEUS 1758

Dendrophryniscus minutus, MELIN 1941, lowland forest of San Martin.

Ramphophryne spec. nov., (Schulte, in progr.), summit species.


Centrolene fernandoi, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Centrolene lemniscatum, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Centrolene muelleri, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Centrolene spec., Ahuashiyacu ravine.

Cochranella chancas, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Cochranella croceopodes, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Cochranella saxiscandens, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Cochranella tangarana, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993

Hyalinobatrachium lemur, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1993
Hyalinabatrachium munozorum, LYNCH & DUELLMAN 1973.


Gastrotheca spec.1, peruviana- group (Schulte, in progr.)

Gastrotheca spec. 2, green giant, TN (Schulte, in progr.)

Gastrotheca testudinea, JIMENEZ DE LA ESPADA 1871
Hemiphractus spec.nov.1, not proboscideus, JIMENEZ DE LA ESPADA 1871

Hemiphractus spec.nov. 2, Summit CO, 1998
Hyla boans, LINNAEUS 1758
Hyla calcarata, TROSCHEL 1884
Hyla (faber) spec. 1, breeding pond sp. TDF, VIABO
Hyla fasciata, GÜNTHER 1859 (1858)
Hyla geographica, SPIX 1824
Hyla granosa, BOULENGER 1882
Hyla lanciformis, COPE 1870
Hyla leali, BOKERMAN 1964
Hyla leucophyllata, BEREIS 1783
Hyla marmoratum, LAURENTI 1768
Hyla minuta, PETERS 1872
Hyla parviceps, BOULENGER 1882
Hyla phyllognatha, MELIN 1941
Hyla punctata, SCHNEIDER
Hyla rhodopepla, GÜNTHER 1859 (1858)
Hyla sarayacuensis, SHREVE 1935
Hyla spec. 2, Pongo C.
Hyla triangulum, GÜNTHER
Osteocephalus buckleyi, BOULENGER 1882
Osteocephalus leprieurii, DUMERIL & BIBRON 1841

Osteocephalus spec.1, small, VCR
Osteocephalus taurinus, STEINDACHNER 1862
Osteocephalus verruciger, WERNER 1901
Phyllomedusa coelestis, COPE 1874, LITREC.
Phyllomedusa duellmani, CANNATELLA 1982
Phyllomedusa tomopterna, COPE 1868
Phyllomedusa tarsius, COPE 1868, (bright orange tadpoles)
Phyllomedusa vaillanti, BOULENGER 1882
Phrynohyas coriacea, PETERS 1867
Phrynohyas venulosa, LAURENTI 1768
Scinax rubra, LAURENTI 1768
Scinax garbei, MIRANDA- RIBEIRO 1926
Scinax spec.1, VCR
Scinax spec. 2, TPP
Sphaenorhynchus spec.1, green, lowland forest CO- front range.

REMARKS: The following amphibian species may be present in montane Regions of the East Andean Slope above 2000 m in extreme North Western to Southern San Martin (Andean Slope):

Bufo arborescandens, DUELLMAN & SCHULTE 1992.
Eleutherodactylus schultei, DUELLMAN 1992

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