New species names and field station names for financial sponsors


INIBICO field teams discover constantly new species of frogs, orchids, lizards and snakes. At the moment we have a list of about 10 new species of frogs to be described and as we constantly need to improve our scientific equipment, camera gear and install new permanent field stations for research and ecotourism, we need SPONSORS which might finance some of these projects. This practice is widespread among insect and bird research and we want to apply this system now to frogs, other herps and orchids and name species after good sponsors which help us to finance different urgent projects.


There is also the possibility, that enterprises or zoological gardens may get involved to install more field research station in Peru’s outstanding ecosystems. We can name a field station after the sponsoring person or enterprise and this is a perfect way to get 100 % of the sponsor’s cash invested directly into the projects without any losses to the famous “overhead costs” for bureaucratic administration of those funds so many big NGO’s suffer from like WWF and others.


There are also Cooperation Contracts possible between external research institutions from the branches Biochemistry (medicinal plants and biotoxins), sustainable faunal management, Botany in our area several new plant species had been discovered recently (tree ferns, aroids, orchids), Geology (rock types and their age), Entomology (new insect species). We also are able to make contracts and joint venture business with enterprises which can help us in setting up a medium size in vitro lab to propagate orchids (Six Phragmipedium CITES 1 species are present in our region- and more new species we have in the other field investigation sites), Bromeliads and Ornamental plants.


Interested persons and sponsors may contact us at: Info@Inibico.org