Adventure - tourism

White Water Rafting

With Chancas Expeditions on the Mayo River (half day), using rafts, river guides and kayaks from Chancas Expeditions. Mayo River has Nº 2 and 3 rapids difficulty, also approved for children. Minimum group size 4 persons. Life vests for adults and children and all gear provided by Chancas.

River Exploring Expeditions

Biological Huallaga Canyon exploration trips, incl. hot springs, fishing, forest walks and island camping. This trip is made with an 5 m long Aluminum boat and outboard motor, starting at and ending at Chazuta. Group size: 4- 8 persons. Tents and gear provided by INIBICO and CHANCAS. Tourists may bring their angling gear: the biggest fish, the Zungaro catfish can reach a weight of 250 kg and needs a finger thick nylon with a hook made of construction iron and 5- 8 persons to land the fish. The best time for the Huallaga Canyon trip is during the fish migration in summer (exact migration time varies from year to year- call for details). Sun protection required (hats, sun lotion, long sleeve shirts). 4 days or longer. Minimum group size: 2- 4 persons.

HuallCany.jpgPacaya-Samiria National Park expedition

Using the Lagunas “backdoor” Park entrance downriver from Yurimaguas. Lagunas can be accessed directly with small airplanes or by river with the Iquitos-Yurimaguas route ships (take care here- first river pirates assaults are now observed). Pacaya Samiria trips are at least 6 days and several extras must be paid (Park entrance fee, local guides). Read more......