Apistogramma baenschi

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Biological expeditions

Biological expeditions 
Frog-, Aquarium fish-, Insect-, Orchid-, and Birdwatching subprograms in High Forest (Selva Alta) and Lowland Forest:

Cordillera del Cóndor
Visit to our Dendrobates mysteriosus Rescue Project and unexplored cave system: reptiles, amphibians, bird and orchid watching, exploring with horses (5 days, 1200 km by road).  

Stay at the Frog Valley
Alto Cainarache, ASPRAVEP Faunal Management Concession of 3800 Ha. at ASPRAVEP Field Base at km 34. Incl. thermal spring visit, Atelopus pulcher observation, night and day excursions: insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds. (3 or 5 days). Introduction to Selva Alta (High Forest) Herpetofauna. 
High Forest and Lowland Forest Comparison
Includes stay at km 34, Frog valley, then travel to Lowland Forest (km 68) and exploring frogs, aquarium fishes (Apistogramma N 50 and others, Corydoras), insects and blackwater systems. (6 days). Introduction and comparison of Selva Alta and Lowland Herpetofaunas.  

We have specialists for ORCHID observing and determination, Herps and Insect- and Aquarium fish surveys, but are not enough experienced in BIRDS. There is a new Toucan (green Arassari) in our Cordillera Oriental summit forest which does not show up in any of the field guide books from Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. We need Birdwatcher help in this case. The giant cave system of the Cordillera del Condor in Jurassic Karst rocks needs professional exploration- please contact us for details.
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